The Vivamo Bible Village

The Vivamo Bible Village is an unique biblical theatre in the heart of Southern Finland. It is situated in a beautiful rural setting in the town of Lohja, in an hour´s drive from Helsinki, Turku, Espoo and Vantaa.


It all began in 2005. From its small beginnings Vivamo Bible Village has grown to become a Christian theatre of great proportions. It now hosts a Village theatre with some 300 active members, most of whom are volunteers. They represent all ages from infants to seniors aged 80 or more. Over 120 000 visitors have seen the performances.

During the year there are three seasons: The Christmas, Easter and Summer Season. All the plays are specially written, composed and produced for the Bible Village. They are performed outside in the open air.

In 2018 the Vivamo Bible Village program includes the following plays: The Son of Man during Easter, Wonderful Joy at Christmas and during the summer season two different plays. The Secret of Paul tells the story of the apostle Paul from his conversion to his missionary journeys. In The Gates of Paradise a difficult question is raised: "If God is good why do bad things happen?" To seek answers, an old man takes his grandchild on a journey through Bible. There is still hope behind all the questions.

Welcome to experience the unique atmosphere at Vivamo Bible Village!


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